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Red Ape

Red Ape has a mission: save the orangutan! The tropical rainforest in Indonesia is his home. But for how long? Large companies are expanding rapidly and threaten the jungle. Every day large areas are cleared for palm oil and trees for paper(pulp), often accompanied by terrible forest fires. These monoculture plantations are a threat not only for nature but also for the people who live there: they are pressured to sell their land to the industry and thereby lose their homes, fields and source of income. And every year suffer from smog-inhalation.

We want this to stop. With our Red Ape products we are committed to the preservation of the tropical rainforest. So the orangutan and the local people can continue to live there. Without the suffocating smog from forest fires. An additional advantage for you: we bring an alternative sugar on the market that is not only delicious, but also has many health benefits.

By the way, besides buying Red Ape products, there are also other things you can do to help minimize the damage done to the rainforests worldwide, please see these tips!

Together with Masarang Foundation

Red Ape was created by Amigos International in cooperation with the Masarang Foundation. This foundation fights against deforestation, extinction of animals and child poverty in Indonesia. With every kilogram of Red Ape sold we get closer to the protection of remaining forests and give farmers the chance to reforest degraded land. In addition, Red Ape donates 5 cents per kg to the Masarang Foundation for scholarships for disadvantaged youth. Because education is also an important factor in protecting forests.

Want to know more about the work of the Masarang Foundation or support it? Then please read here!

Amigos International: importer of organic food

Red Ape is a brand of Amigos International, a company that develops, imports and markets organic food from Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Amigos International pays a (more than) fair price to farmers, with whom they often have direct contact, and encourages local employment by trying to keep as much processing as possible in the country of origin. Amigos International makes sure that the production is as environmentally-friendly as possible: through organic farming, increasing forests and biodiversity and by packaging and transporting as efficiently as possible. Last but not least: Amigos are above all tasty!