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Are you looking for a healthier sugar? Then try palm sugar. It has a nice caramel flavour, and you can mix it well with water, so you can use it in all kinds of dishes. From marinades and lemonade to cookies, cakes and pies!

Palm Sugar: 5 x healthy

  1. Palm Sugar is rich in minerals and antioxidants

    Palm Sugar is rich in potassium, iron and copper but also contains magnesium and calcium, and zinc. Vitamin B12 has also shown up in our analyses. All good for you! Take potassium: it has a beneficial effect on your blood pressure and is good for your muscles. By comparison, per 100 grams palm sugar has more potassium than white beans or green vegetables, and three times more than bananas. The amount of magnesium in palm sugar similar to avocados and bananas and keeps your energy levels. The special way of evaporating the palm sap (juice of the sugar palm) makes that it retains almost all of its natural substances, in contrast to refined sugar (granulated sugar) where all the nutrients are lost during boiling.

  2. Palm sugar has a lower glycaemic index

    The glycemic index (GI) is the rate at which sugar can be absorbed into your blood. A stable blood sugar level is important for your health. Palm sugar, unlike ordinary sugar, has a low glycemic index of around 50, which is comparable with brown rice or brown bread fortified with extra fiber. In contrast, normal chrystal sugar has a GI of 70, glucose is indexed at 100. For products with a low GI (GI <55), such as Red Ape Palm Sugar, energy is delivery to the blood more gradually than with refined sugars. This keeps your energy in better balance and you are less likely to get hungry again fast.

    Palm sugar, unlike ordinary sugar, is considered to have a low glycaemic index (GI); the definition of a low GI is that it needs to be below 55. In comparison, dextrose and glucose are at 100, normal sugar at 70, and multiple analyses done by independent laboratories show a GI of around 50 for palm sugar, both Arenga- as Coconut palm sugar (the so called "coconut blossom sugar", which by the way has nothing to do with blossom; the process of tapping is exactly the same as with the Arenga palm). Caution: claims that you often read on the Internet of 35 for palm sugar have never been demonstrated by analyses from independent laboratories.

    The Red Ape GI of around 50 is similar to brown rice or brown bread fortified with extra fibre. This means that the sugar is absorbed more slowly from the blood than in normal sugar or (worse) products with dextrose or date syrup (GI of 103), for example. The energy release to the body is gradual and your blood sugar level shows less peaks. In short: your energy in balance and you get hungry much less quickly.

    Warning: the coconut palm sugar is sometimes called "coconut blossom sugar", but it is an inflorescence, not a flower; the collection of the sap is exactly the same process as with the Arenga palm. Contrary to what one often reads, the GI of 35 for palm sugar (source: the Philippines) has never been demonstrated by independent laboratory testing. In Australia and the Netherlands it has been tested at around 50.

  3. Palm sugar is 100% natural

    Red Ape Forest Sugar is a 100% natural product. During the production process is nothing added to the sugar and it is not bleached. A wonderful organic and natural product!

  4. Palm sugar reduces risk of diseases

    People who eat palm sugar instead of white sugar appear to suffer less often from diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and asthma, according to various studies. In Indonesia, palm sugar traditionally plays an important role as ingredient in cough syrups and asthma medications. Also, palm sugar seems to have a positive effect on digestion. It has a mild laxative effect and prevents flatulence and bloating.

  5. Palm Sugar makes you beautiful

    Try palm sugar to exfoliate your face! In Indonesia they know the results like no other; it efficiently removes dead skin cells. Indonesians also use a mixture of palm sugar in order to prevent greying of the hair. Finally, palm sugar has less effect on your teeth than refined sugar and causes fewer cavities.