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Palm Sugar Red Ape (Red Ape Forest Sugar) is tasty and good for your health. That's awfully nice of course, but there is more. Thousands of Indonesians were able to build a better life thanks to this palm sugar and preserve the tropical rainforest. And save the orangutan - our Red Ape!

How Red Ape saves the Forest

We make Red Ape Forest Sugar from the sap of the Arenga palms. This palm species has been growing for centuries in Indonesia and is known for its sweet juice. The Arenga palm grows best among other trees and plants, so there’s no need to deforest. Local farmers plant palm seedlings, and from adult trees they tap the sugar juice and processes it into sugar. Six palms are already sufficient to provide a good living for an entire family! Families that will now impede palm oil and paper (pulp) industries to access to their forest. Preserved forests benefit us all: it provides food, clean drinking water and income for local communities, and oxygen and biodiversity for us all. And let’s not forget that forests regulate the climate and capture CO2.

Read on and learn more about how Red Ape products make a difference!